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> Seven Days (MP3) - Ernie Oldfield


42 x Internet Gold

Line Dancer of ERNIE OLDFIELDīs Songs in all 5 continents
The newest in Japan
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Ernie's Remembrance of his Childhood Days
Gary Cooper's Influence on Ernie Oldfield
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Final Dance at the Line Dance Convention 2011 in Salzburg/Austria:
Jacky Joker by Ernie Oldfield
Ernie Oldfield on air

Rod Collman
Web-Country DJ
"Hi Vienna, thank you for the song itīs good of you would like to send me more that would be fine. It is always appreciated and makes it easier to put the playlist together each weeks with new material. Thank you. Regards Rod "

June Potter
Country DJ, London
"Hiya Ernie! Wow thank you so much for your CD: Ive listened to it this brill and will 100% add to my Playlist. Thanking you once again. Stay safe and god bless, JUNE"

Peter Shaw
Web-Country DJ
> www.countrymusic.net.nz
"Dear WIR Records! Wow, this is a neat song. You are right it is indeed a joy to listen to. Thank you for sending it to us. Ernie will be in our playlists too! Best luck and best wishes! "

Peter Hills & Philippe
Radio Waves International
> pirateradionetwork.com
"Dear WIR Records! Thanks a lot for your new release. Here is a preview of next issue of RWNews: ERNIE OLDFIELD is back with a new Album: MY GUITAR AND ME - "Pay me the way", "My Guitar and me", "Bread and Beans (live)". With love, peace and good music, Peter Hills & Philippe "

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